Residential Moves

The good people of Beverly Hills have invested their trust in our abilities from time and time again. Since the inception of this company, we’ve been consistently improving our service quality. We’re a family owned business and we understand that this move is not an easy process for you or your family.

That’s why if it’s a residential move we make sure that we work around your schedule and make sure we’re not in the way of any farewell dinners or last-minute friends and family get together. Once you step in your new home, you’ll find that we’ve placed everything like it was in your home. If not, we’d be happy to arrange everything as you please.

When Residential Moves Are Necessary
One of the most common reasons people like to move is when they’re either looking to tighten the belt or want to celebrate a nice fat bonus they got at work or money inherited from a deceased family member. It can go either way. And by all means, people should move to better neighborhoods when they can, particularly if it happens to be much closer to a new place of work. On the other hand, a bad financial decision or getting laid off from work could mean getting accustomed to a more practical means of living. Either way, leave it up to us to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

One of our biggest residential move clientele is parents. Their kids have moved out and there is a lot of space they won’t be needing. They end up putting the house on rent and moving to a smaller residence. Sometimes, newlyweds are looking to raise their kids in a bigger home. Transitioning from smaller place to a bigger one or the other way around can be a troubling and confusing phase. But when you rely on Beverly Hills Movers to handle the moving process, all your worries are done away with, at least worries related to the moving.

Maybe you and your girlfriend have decided to move in together and one of you has to move or find a new place altogether. Similarly, if you’re beginning a new chapter of your life after just getting married, the two of you might want to start over in a different city. You’ll need a moving company that understands family values and that’s us. Book our moving services today by calling (310) 896-5180.

What Does Residential Moving Entail?
Beverly Hills Movers has been consistently delivering quality moving service for years and as a result, we’ve become bigger, better and stronger. The people of Beverly Hills have a knack for choosing the best on the market, so they ask us to do the honors. Our residential moving plans revolve around two categories:

Local Moves
Beverly Hills Movers will consider your assignment a local move if the distance between your current and designated location is within a 20 miles radius. Often our customers ask us why this is relevant and if it’s in anyway related to our quality of service; a long distance move poses different and unique challenges versus a local move. We use different types of moving and packing methods in both situations. This is not because we pay more attention to quality in either case; it’s just that greater precautions need to be taken for longer commutes.

The packing services and particularly the time it takes to complete the journey in local residential moves is relatively quick. We understand that you’re excited to start afresh in a new neighborhood, which is why we ensure to move your house within a day.

Non Local Moves or Long Distance Moving
If the distance to be covered to your new destination is greater than 20 miles you’ll be availing our long distance moving services. Customers often wonder if they can pack their stuff themselves, and while we don’t mind at all in case of local moves, we strongly recommend that you let our professionals do the packing when it comes to non-local moves. There is a science behind packing and moving goods so to speak; the items inside need to be weighted proportionately and each box needs to comply with a certain weight and moving standards before the journey begins.

Is the Residential Moving Service Expensive?
Beverly Hills Movers firmly believes in giving their customers the most competitive quotes the market has to offer. That’s why recurring or recommended customers accept the first quote we give them. Just so you know, there are several factors on which our pricing system is based, such as:

• Distance between the two destinations
• Total weight of each item
• Total quantity of all items
• Total quantity of fragile items
• Packing and unpacking fees
• Cost of packing material used

If the move is happening across state lines, then there might be a few more costs involved: state regulated fees or taxes and storage unit costs, for instance. However, you don’t have to worry about these because we’ll make sure everything is communicated and explained to you ahead of time.

We at Beverly Hills Movers send a no-charge site inspection representative who scouts and analyzes the entire moving site and then does the calculations right in front of you. You can inquire a quote break-down and choose the services you desire. We promise that our quotes will always be reasonable, but even then if you wish, you can negotiate. After all, it's your move and our team is there to serve your best interests.

Dial us now at (310) 896-5180 to get your quote. We’ll make sure your move is a delightful and uneventful experience.