Packing and Unpacking Service

Beverly Hills Movers provides you with residential as well as industrial packing and unpacking services. We understand that it is not easy to uproot your life from one place and get established some place else. We are here to ease the challenges and difficulties that come with moving. Leave the packing and unpacking to us, so you can concentrate on other important areas in your life and also not deal with the associated stress of moving.

Our team is a well-trained moving crew. When you see them packing your things, you’ll understand the difference between amateur and professional packers. Nothing you own will break or get even so much as a scratch throughout the move. Everything is accounted for from start to finish.

Doing it carefully and professionally doesn’t mean that our crew takes extra hours to get the job done. Not only is our moving crew meticulous, they are also lightning-quick. They do this every day and whatever the moving task or challenge, to them it is second nature.

Commercial clients should especially look forward to handing their moving tasks over to us because our moving crew has technical experts who have extensive experience in dismantling, packing and moving large machinery, and unpacking and assembling it all back together safely, in one piece.

What We Offer
We at Beverly Hills Movers believe in upholding quality standards because we are among the leaders in this industry. Often moving companies will offer downgraded service to clients who have smaller moving assignments. However, Beverly Hills Movers is all about consistent quality of service throughout all moving assignments, no matter how big or small.

This is what our packing services offer:
Full Packing Service

You can avail our full packing service and get rid of all the moving related anxiety once and for all. Our designated move leader will put down an inventory of all items to be transported, which will be personally approved by you, after which you’re given a copy. We then make sure everything is packed before the move. Everything is put together systematically so that fragile items don’t cling and clang with other objects.

Partial Packing Service
Beverly Hills Movers offers partial packing service to those customers who prefer handling the packing of a few of their move able items. We understand if you have an item which is private or you have a close emotional attachment to it, you’d much prefer moving it yourself Our moving crew will give you the space you need to do your own packing in that regard.

Our representative will discuss it in detail with you what items are not to be touched, and we will hand you a list of items to be approved and signed off. And it’s not like our moving crew will let you deal with it on your own; you can buy unique packing material from us and let our packing crew give you tips to make sure that extra special item of your remains safe and secure during the move.

What We Pack
We don’t commit to something until and unless we are confident we’ll be able to do it while sticking to the agreed time-frame. There is a specific way of handling particular kinds of furniture or other household item, which requires years of experience to do it in a safe way. Our team uses all the latest technology to perform safer and tighter packing.

When people ask us what we can pack, we only tell them about the items that we’ve had personal experience with. It’s a rare occurrence that a client inquiries about an item that haven’t had prior moving experience with. Generally speaking, our crew has moved industrial grade machinery, expensive medical equipment, boats, furniture, automobiles, artifacts, antiques, home appliances, computers, livestock, musical instruments and other kinds of residential as well as commercial machinery and equipment.

The Material We Use While Moving
We truly are the best at what we do, even if we do say so ourselves.
These are some of the materials we use to move your items:
● Corner Blocks
● Bubble Wrap
● Plastic Wrap
● Packing Tape
● Paper Pads
● End Caps
● Peanuts
● Boxes of all Sizes.

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