Moving Services

Beverly Hills Movers is your one-stop moving solution. No matter what challenges the moving poses, our crew makes sure the transition is absolutely smooth and trouble-free for you. If we are to combine all our employees and founding members, there are hundreds of years of experience combined. Whatever moving service you choose with us, we are a hundred percent sure that you’ll be more than satisfied.

Beverly Hills Movers is perhaps the best moving company in Beverly Hills you can hire, if you live in Beverly Hills or surrounding areas. We have the track record, workforce and skills to compete all kinds of moving tasks within a predefined time frame. Year in and year out, our services have become a benchmark for all startup moving companies in Beverly Hills.

Moving Services We Offer
Currently, there’s not a single moving company in Beverly Hills that’s extending the same level of service as ours or the same reliability, for that matter. We have a huge moving portfolio. To date, we’ve moved industries, retail shops, offices and residences of all sizes. We are only as great as our moving crew, and we’re lucky to have the best workforce the city of Beverly Hills has to offer.

At Beverly Hills Movers, we strictly adhere to a code of health and safety. Not only do we follow our own policies, but we also stay well-informed on state-set laws as well.

Here’s what we can move for you:
Residential Moves

If you want to move your home to a new location then your move qualifies as a residential move. It’s not easy for families to relocate to another location, as there is just so much that they have to do to unplug from their current place of residence and get used to new surroundings. If the distance between your current and new location is less than 20 miles, then it’s considered a short distance move. If you want to go beyond that, then you don’t have to worry because our movers can also handle long distance moves without breaking a sweat. No matter what the distance, you endure absolutely zero stress in the process.

Commercial Moves
If you own a company or are part of an industry where the property you’ve occupied is used for commercial purposes, you can avail our commercial moving service to move your business to another location. There is simply no commercial challenge that we can’t overcome as we’ve moved entire industries, hotels, medical facilities, retail establishments, shopping malls and farms. There are thousands of regulations and safety protocols that come into play when it comes to a commercial move, and it is imperative that you hire a company which has extensive experience in commercial moves, such as Beverly Hills Movers. Call us today at (310) 896-5180 to book our moving services.

Long Distance Moves
When we say we can handle all challenges, we really mean it. If your move is more than 20 miles, there are certain precautions that need to be exercised for the sake of your items’ safety. Our trucks are padded and free of mechanical problems as they are checked and maintained on a very regular basis. In addition, our drivers are experienced and know how to maneuver these vehicles over all kinds of terrain. Whether you’re looking to move your residence or commercial establishment to the other side of city or across the country, we make it all happen without any hiccups at all. We say that confidently because we have storage facilities spread out across the country, in case we need a quick stopover during the move or the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Office Moves
We offer quick and professional office moving services. We have the skills, experience and manpower to handle moving an entire building. Offices these days are filled with fragile items and even expensive paintings; these subtle pieces of artwork are quite fragile and often priceless, and accidents do happen during moves. But not at Beverly Hills Movers, as our packing professionals are intelligent and experienced enough to understand what they are moving and how to handle it with the utmost care. We provide completely safe packing of file cabinets and servers because we understand it's one of the most important and valuable parts of your establishment. We do everything in our power to assure its safe and secure transportation.

Packing & Unpacking Services
Beverly Hills Movers has an entire page dedicated to this service, though to give you a brief overview, we offer complete as well as partial packing and unpacking services. Our moving crew is well-trained in packing anything from your children’s toys to huge industrial grade machinery. Either way, the packing is done in a safe and sound manner, offering you complete peace of mind and a moving experience like none other.

Storage Facilities
As we mentioned earlier, our storage facilities are spread across several state lines. Every time we embark on a long distance move, we might need a quick break during which, your items are safely tucked away in a company approved storage facility. The company approved storage facilities are all insured and offer complete protection from damage, theft or any kind of wear and tear whatsoever.

Book our moving services by calling at (310) 896-5180! We are the best movers in Beverly Hills but don’t take our word for it. Give us an chance to prove our claims.