About Us

About Us


Beverly Hills Movers has been around for decades and we’ve been extending our services to the good people of this Beverly Hills with great conviction and care. Our company is by no means a huge conglomerate; from the very beginning it’s been a family owned business. We like to connect with our customers and always go the extra mile to make them happy. We not only have the experience but also all the state-required licensing and certification. We are insured, bonded and one hundred percent reliable.

Our Mission
At Beverly Hills Movers our mission is to make sure your moving experience is smooth and uneventful. Our services can easily rival the highest ranking moving companies in the state. However, we believe in keeping our prices way below the market rates. Our goal is to never overcharge you while not accepting any compromise whatsoever in efficiency and quality.

Our Team
Unlike other companies we don’t just hire pre-trained staff for our business. We believe in hiring the best and then putting them through a company-policy-oriented inauguration. Our recruiters are told to hire people who are not just great at their job, but also have the capacity to learn new things. We are by far the most trusted and esteemed moving company, even beyond Beverly Hills, catering to anyone between the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood.

Our years of experience has led us to the believe that it’s crucial for all employees to be highly motivated, well groomed, insured and incentivized. At our company we rely heavily on customer feedback to ensure all our moving professionals are diligently doing the job they were hired to do. In our decades of collective experience, we have not had a single report of things going awry or jobs not being performed according to our customers’ needs and specifications.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential move you’re looking to make, you’ve come to the right place. There isn’t any moving challenge our team isn’t equipped to handle. The quality of our service remains consistent no matter how big or small the move is. Most moving companies in Beverly Hills have experience or equipment and manpower that’s limited to residential moves only, but Beverly Hills Movers has the experience to move entire office floors and buildings, even those from major industrial establishments. So if you’re looking to find someone who can safely and seamlessly move you at the corporate and industrial level, we’re it.

Our adequately padded trucks make it possible to securely transport all your goods in one piece to the designated location. Our transport vehicles are all well maintained and the drivers are extremely humble, supportive and extensively trained to negotiate any kind of terrain.

A representative will be in touch with you throughout the move and if you want to talk to the moving crew directly, you can do that as well. We do our best to make sure that a certain level of transparency is always upheld. You can contact us around the clock to understand how the entire process works.

If you feel like it, you can drive alongside our moving trucks. We understand that you may have some last-minute commitments to deal with before we begin moving you, in which case, we will bend over backwards to accommodate your schedule.
We have a strict no-charge policy for on-site-inspection. If you don’t want things to be handled electronically, you can give us a call and we’ll be sending one of our professional inspectors. They’ll visit your residence or commercial establishment and give you an estimate completely free of cost.

We offer all kinds of moving services in the residential and commercial sector, and our team is always ready to go the distance for you.

So what are you waiting for? Dial (310) 896-5180 now and give us a chance to prove to you why we’re the best.