Beverly Hills Movers understands that commercial moves are very sensitive, more than any other type of move. The amount of complex machinery and sensitive instruments are huge and you need to choose a moving company that has ample amount of experience in this field.


No matter how far you want to move, Beverly Hills Movers has been giving top notch long distance moves services to the people of Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. While other companies would constantly disturb and alarm you with additional costs and change...


The good people of Beverly Hills have invested their trust in our abilities from time and time again. Since the inception of this company, we’ve been consistently improving our service quality. We’re a family owned business and we understand that this move...

Welcome to Beverly Hills Movers

Beverly Hills Movers has become a leader in the industry after exceeding customer expectations time and time again. No wonder the people of Beverly Hills have entrusted us without a second thought when it comes to moving their residences, offices, hotels, medical facilities, factories and warehouses. Our moving crew is the best in the entire state of California and our prices are tough to beat.
While other moving companies may promise you similar things, we on the other hand, speak from experience. What a group of 100 men and women in a moving crew can accomplish can easily be done with a team of 20 highly seasoned and motivated movers. We at Beverly Hills Movers believe in hiring professionals who have made their mark working in the moving industry. None of our movers are freelancers. They are held accountable for each decision they make on a day-to-day basis. They are highly incentivized individuals, insured and bonded which means they have every reason in the world to give it all they got.

You can track your belongings and our delivery vehicles any time you want, but we like doing things the old fashioned way. And by that we mean that a dedicated representative will be assigned to your move and you can inquire about any details or ask questions that need answers.

We have designated storage units all over the country in case we are hit by circumstances not under our control, such as bad weather or a natural disaster. There’s no distance that’s too great for us to cover. After retrieving your goods from the “safe house”, we push on steadily towards our designated drop off.

At Beverly Hills Movers, we believe in dreaming big and breaking records. If you're moving assignment is too big in terms of sheer volume and you’re finding yourself going from one mover to another to find the one that says yes, then we urge you to give us a call right this instant. We don't just boast about how good we are; we’ll make a plan and a timeline for you that’ll put an end to all your worries and doubts.

We are much more than simply a huge chain of moving franchise established all over the state. Just like your family, Beverly Hills Movers is run by regular hardworking folks who work day in and day out to earn their living. We are a family owned company who understand the hardships of the common man. Our standards are high and our attitude is down to earth. Quite simply, we are the right company for you, no matter who you are.

Give us a call today at (310) 896-5180 or come by our office at Beverly Hills, CA. Talk to our representative today to get your quote and begin the big move.

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Beverly Hills Movers has been around for decades and we’ve been extending our services to the good people of this Beverly Hills with great conviction and care. Our company is by no means a huge conglomerate; from the very beginning it’s been a family owned business. We like to connect with our customers and always go the extra mile to make them happy. We not only have the experience but also all the state-required licensing and certification. We are insured, bonded and one hundred percent reliable.

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