Commercial Moves

Beverly Hills Movers understands that commercial moves are very sensitive, more than any other type of move. The amount of complex machinery and sensitive instruments are huge and you need to choose a moving company that has ample amount of experience in this field. We have professional expert level packers who’ll assist your technical staff to dismantle and box-up equipment and machinery. You can choose to participate in the moving process or leave it to us, either way you shouldn’t worry about any mishaps and unforeseen situations.

At Beverly Hills Movers the staff and the moving crew is trained to outperform and exceed customer’s expectations. They aim to give you a moving experience that you’ll never be able to forget. Commercial moves require coordination and teamwork, we have become a trusted name in the industrial and commercial sector of Beverly Hills because our moving crew works together like cogs in a clock. It has taken us everything to put this dream team together, they are heavily incentivized and insured so expect a group of extremely motivated and energetic individuals.

Why Would I Choose to make a Commercial Move?
There is a difference between office or retail moves, commercial moves have different challenges attached to it that very few moving companies can understand. You as a commercial establishment can have several reasons to move to another location. Several companies here in Beverly Hills get merged or bought off by bigger corporations.
Either that or companies tend to get bigger places if they are expanding or smaller places if they have space in the old place that is too much for them. Either way Beverly Hills Movers is responsible to take away the transition stress from you so that you can make your business related decisions with a more aware and active mind.

What does Commercial Moving Entails?
Commercial establishments are not always in the middle of the city, they are at outskirts or at times between cities. We have good news for companies that are in remote areas near or around Beverly Hills, no matter what the location is our estimator will make a free of charge visit at the site to evaluate the cost and set things in motion.

We have had experience with all kinds of commercial establishments and here are some of them:

We’ve had our fair share of experience of moving industries and factories. We’ve often had clients that have been turned down by other moving companies because they didn’t have the expertise to move an entire industry. We have the relevant experience and we follow all the required rules and regulations that are set by the state of California. There are several heavy duty fines and constraints set by the state that you don’t have to worry about, we’ll handle everything in a safe and legitimate manner. Our expert professionals will guide the moving crew in dismantling and boxing up industrial grade equipment and heavy machinery. Meanwhile raw material will be packed up in a way that they don’t cause any environmental pollution.

Warehouses are simpler than industries but they still require a professional hand. We at Beverly Hills Movers have had uncountable experiences moving all types of items from one warehouse to another. Items of all sizes and fragility will be packed in a unique way. It doesn’t matter what is the product or items in the warehouse, it will be packed in the safest and professional manner there is.

Medical Facilities
Beverly Hills Movers has the capability to move an entire hospital from one location to another. This has happened a few times in Beverly Hills Movers but most of the time it’s a new hospital being built. We also have experience in moving pharmaceutical companies, clinics and medical research facilities.

Is Taking the Commercial Move Service Expensive?
When our estimator is calculating the quote right in front of you, he or she will be considering a few factors. This is why we encourage at least our commercial clients that they allow our team to visit the site at least once. This visit is absolutely free of cost and the quote you’ll be given can be compared with any moving company in Beverly Hills.

Out of several factors here are some of the big ones that we weigh in while we calculate the costs:

● Number of items
● Fragility of items
● Weight of items
● Distance between the two sides
● Dismantling of machinery
● Packing and unpacking
● Other services

Beverly Hills Movers will give you prices that no other company will be able to match. This is because we’re always aware about the prices and service quality of our competitors and that’s why we are able to always outdo them. We can send an estimator to your site today and you can have all the details about the move face to face.

So what are you waiting for? Call us right now at (310) 896-5180 and order your commercial move today. We will blow away any doubts you have and impress you beyond your expectations