Long Distance Moves

No matter how far you want to move, Beverly Hills Movers has been giving top notch long distance moves services to the people of Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. While other companies would constantly disturb and alarm you with additional costs and change of plans, our moving crew will make sure the trip is completed within the price, timeframe and details discussed beforehand. In long distance move your items are prone to suffer damages only if the packing is done in a nonprofessional manner. Beverly Hills Movers provides excellent packing services and completely padded trucks that will protect your items throughout the long commute.

We are only as good as our team and moving crew and they are the best the city of Beverly Hills has to offer. That is why we boast ourselves to be the leaders in the moving industry. All our moving teams are well trained, licensed and experienced, that’s why you don’t even have to request a more experienced team.

Why Would I Choose to make a Long Distance Move?
You must be wondering about the difference between long distance and local moves. It’s quite simple, if the distance between your current locations and the location you’re moving to is more than 20 miles then it’s called a long distance move. We must assure you that if you’re moving to another state or across the country you have nothing to worry about, at Beverly Hills Movers we have no limit on how far you want to move. Our movers are experienced enough to pack your items and then transport them without a scratch

If you can dream it we can complete it. At Beverly Hills Movers it doesn’t matter what you want to move. Yes you heard that right, whether you want us to move hotel, industry, shopping malls, retail shops, medical facilities or anything of commercial nature at a very long distance then Beverly Hills Movers can make it happen.

What does Long Distance Moving Entails?
We are blessed with one of the top moving crews in Beverly Hills; they are energetic, extremely professional and the best at what they do. They are here to give you their one hundred percent and exceed all your expectations. We don’t just ask you to trust us on this one, you can check out various reviews by our previous customers on our website.

Mostly people sell their businesses, offices or residential equipment when they are moving to longer distances. Their reasons are not always financial but more about how difficult the entire moving assignment seems. The alternative that they choose is selling everything and then rebuying the same things in a different state. The loss during this trade is also very huge because no one is going to pay you full price for old things and cheaper rates for newer. Your worries have now come to an end, Beverly Hills Movers will give you excellent prices to move your equipment, furniture and everything else to the new location so that you don’t have to worry about the other things.

People move long distances if they get a new job which pays more or they want to move to warmer/colder states. We have completed commercial long distance moves successfully as well. The reasons client give for moving their business to a different state is mostly because they want to earn better, or they want to establish a different branch but want to transfer the equipment from the current site. If the reason for your long move is similar to the ones mentioned here then you know you’re at the right place, if not then that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. You are welcome to give us a call and discuss things in detail.

Is taking the Long Distance Move Service Expensive?
The cost of the long distance move is quite lower than the loss you’ll have to suffer if you sell everything and buy them again in the next state. Beverly Hills Movers will give you prices that will blow your mind. We openly challenge you to compare our quote to quote from any other moving company in the state of California, mostly we’ll beat it and at worst it’ll be the same.

We are able to achieve this because we aren’t strangers to this industry. Our collective experience is in decades and we are very good at keeping tabs of our competitors. Ever since the inception of this company no client has gone over to our competitors based on better prices, or anything else for that matter.

There are a few things we consider while calculating the quote. Here they are:

• How fragile are the items
• Packing service taken or Not
• Distance of the move
• Storage cost if the move travel is taking a few days to complete
• Number of items
• State fees and regulation costs
• Miscellaneous costs

All of these factors can be discussed in detail till the point you’re one hundred percent satisfied about the transparency. We can send an estimator to your move site for absolutely free. That individual will then evaluate all the things that are to be moved and then give you a quote considering the factors mentioned above. You can have a detailed conversation with the representator if you want to understand the breakdown of the quote.

You don’t have to answer on the spot, you can take the quote and get back to us whenever you feel comfortable. Did we mention that you can call that representative anytime of the day to ask any more questions? When we say Beverly Hills Movers will treat you in the best way possible we mean every single word of it.

What are you waiting for then? We are sure you’re impressed by now so pick the phone and call us at (310) 896-5180 to book the long distance move. We’ve boasted about our abilities so much on this page, it’s time you let us prove ourselves.