Office Moves

Beverly Hills has all kinds of office spaces available because it’s one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Ever since our inception, office moves have been one of the prime services that business owners have entrusted us with. We are here for the local business community and whenever they need their offices moved.

Beverly Hills Movers has helped the economy of this city grow by helping those offices continue to do good business from their desired locations. We are the leading moving company in Beverly Hills, the only you need to trust to handle all your moving seamlessly.

Whether you have a small or big business, Beverly Hills Movers is well equipped and manned to handle projects of all sizes and complexity. Whether you want to move your office to a new building on the adjacent street or to another state, we make sure that the move is completed within the promised time-frame.

Our moving crew has years of experience in packing and moving items, whether it's a single unit office or an entire building. Items like electrical appliances, filing cabinets, furniture, decorative items, computers and servers require special skills and equipment to move. Invest your time and trust in us, and you’ll have an experience to write home about.

When You Need to Move Your Office
There are several reasons why you might look for a new office. Beverly Hills Movers have successfully completed all kinds of office moving assignments; our perfect track record and zero mishaps is a testament to our credibility.
If you feel now is the right time to move your office location, here are some situations where you’ll find our moving services very handy:

Expanding the Business
One of the most common reasons offices move is when they are looking to expand their workforce or operations. For that, naturally, they need bigger offices. But business owners often tend to prolong this decision because of transitional delays. With Beverly Hills Movers, you don’t have to worry about missing work-days or seeing productivity plummet as a result of moving delays or inconveniences.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions could both mean a move to a new office space. If your office is being merged or acquisition-ed then you’ll either move into their establishment, they’ll join your office or you will buy a new property. Either way, Beverly Hills Movers will make sure the move is absolutely stress-free so that you can concentrate on continuing to generate revenues and making the most of your brand new merger or acquisition.

Establishing Another Branch
The business prospects in Beverly Hills are unquestionable and that’s why you’ll see new business branches popping up everywhere. If you are opening a new branch and want to move your items there, you can book our moving services now by calling (310) 896-5180

Cost Cutting
Too often companies go through corporate downsizing, but what they often overlook is office rent. You can save even more after the process of downsizing due to the extra space that isn’t needed. Move into a smaller office and save more money especially since you won’t have as many employees on your payroll.

What Office Moves Entail
One of the biggest concerns office owners have about moving is missing workdays. Some folks also get stressed out over the fact that moving to a new space means more work for them, including weekends. You’ll be glad to hear that our movers are experienced, trained, licensed, insured, bonded and incentive; they have the expertise to complete all moving projects in a safe and quick manner. All you have to do is agree to the quote, sit back and relax as we seamlessly move your entire office.

There are moving companies that’ll outright refuse to take on a massive office moving assignment. This happens primarily because companies can make more profit from a few smaller moves than taking up a big one. This is where we’ll never disappoint you. You must have a lot of concerns racing through your mind; rest assured, you’ll feel better once you see the commitment of our representatives and the energetic performance of our moving crew. Beverly Hills Movers never turns a client down, no matter what the moving scope and commitment.

Your items might be fragile or sensitive but we assure you no harm will come to them. Our cutting edge packing techniques and quality packing material combined with the skill of our moving crew ensures that all your equipment and fixtures are safely moved in a hassle-free manner. We are no stranger to moving office equipment like laptops, computers, power generators, servers, networking setups, furniture, paintings, decorative items, books, filing cabinets, other forms or artwork and plantations.

Is Moving an Entire Office Expensive?
While it is recommended that you allow us to visit your office so that we can assess the equipment to be moved and give you a quote, you can also give us a call to discuss prices and other relevant details. Our people are very helpful, humble and straightforward. They’ll guide you to the best of their abilities and assist you no matter how complex your move is.

The quote you get depends on a number of things. A company representative is assigned to your office move and he or she will help you understand the entire pricing system. Here are some of the elements we factor in when quoting a price:

● Distance between the two locations
● How fragile the items are
● Quantity of the items
● Weight of the items
● Services that you have booked
● Extra state-set fees

If you do wish to have an onsite inspection then we’ll send you a designated estimator who takes into account the factors we’ve mentioned above. Our designated representative will be taking your lead so that there is no room for objections or invasion of privacy. Once he’s done he’ll give you a quote along with a breakdown of specific services you’ll be availing.. If you feel you can do without some of these services, you’ll get fresh quote on the spot. We want you to communicate with us without any boundaries and we promise to create an environment that encourages you to open up. if you’re wondering how much this on-site visitation costs, you’ll be pleased to know it’s completely free!

Pick the phone right now and give us a call at (310) 896-5180. We promise to give you a moving service that you’ll never forget.